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wow today is boring

yea im bored again and i have nothin to do in this class again so yeah i think im gonna update a il bit... yesturday we had a track meet and stuff like that lol too bad the girls team lost 113-10 yea thats really bad its only cuz we dont have a lot of girls in stuff .. like high jump and long jump but oh well we need more practice lol josh was at the meet and i guess now he goes out with tiara seeny or somethin.. hoewell i got sort of jealous yesturday about it i dont know why oh well sometimes i wonder if im ever gonna go back out with him lol but josh was bein josh and hes supposed to be messin with that jolly girl right now and supposedly messin with ana stallworth a while back .. i asked him if he really likes tiara and he said he didnt know really cuz they just started goin together... josh josh josh oh well i have my own boyfriend to worry about i do miss josh sort of but i dont think we have anything left in our relationship. yesturday he was about to get in a fight and i was really worried i dont know about him sometimes but im really glad that were still good friends i think that hes too much of a lil player now a days.. anyways i still love him ta def. at the meet yesturday i didnt do hardly any of my events that i was supposed to do i was really worried to though! and i was nervous but anyways nothin really on my agenda so far oh and dawn cleveland is messed up .
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