jEwSeE JaZz (jewsee) wrote,
jEwSeE JaZz

sammies house is the hot spizzot

yea well this weekend was really fun and stuff cuz yea...

friday ---- the whole tenth grade went the to the phillies game and i was really hot it was mad fun there i was on the same bus as sammie quintin audrey tracey josh and manny and we were baggin up the whole way josh was sittin with me and sammie was sittin with quintin in the seat ahead of us.. but anyways josh fell asleep on me the whole way there and he was really cute and stuff ... i would look down on him and i would sayy "aww" cuz he looked really cute. but anyways when we got there the game was off the hook phillies fans are wild i sat next to josh and at his french fries we had fun and our side was lucky enough to see a fight cuz a pirates fan came over and waved his hat in his face and was like bow to this so you know the philly fan had to get up and throw beer in his face and they were BRAWLIN LOL but anyways... then after that the bus was all late pickin us up so we got back to the school mad late so me and sammie just schilled at the hosue and thats when mad people started comin over ... first josh, steffon and chucky ford came over for a lil while and they were just actin dumb ... then a lil while after they came pop and reggie came over but yea ... then after that joe teddy kevin and steven came over and steven was drunk and it was really funny cuz joe likes me and i was messin with steven and steven goes out with this girl named maria and theyve been messin around but i really dont care that much! so thats wat happened friday! really really fun!

Saturday ---- we i woke up and sammie woke up and we were just sittin there and sammie went to the tanning bed then we came home so we went to the mall with her mom and we saw tom and rj then right after that we saw chucky gillis and were really excited cuz we havent seen him in a really long time and he used to be our best friend so yea. we wanted to hang out with him so we left the mall and we had to pick up his cousin dionta in camden and he looked like 50 cent lol (doesnt everybody)? but anyways we came back to the house and at dinner then diontas mom called sayin that she wanted him back so we had to go alll the back to camden to drop him off at the super walmart and once again me and sammie were excited cuz weve never been to the super walmart then we saw jessica reedy and shes crazy! but anyways the rest of the night we were lookin for a party to go to btu we couldnt find one so we had to make it a movie night so we rented Seven and sammie fell asleep and while she was asleep chucky was talkin to me and i guess he likes me or watever cuz he was tryin to hold my hand and stuff and he was rubbin my back lol anyways thats how that night happened! then we went to sleep.

Sunday ---- im running out of time so ill have to make it quick but anyway bean and tommy came over then they left then justin paylor came over and he was tryin to meaner then he really is so yea. hes really sweet. then i spent the night over there and thats how my weekend went
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