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yesturday nothin really happened... only thing that happened yesturday is my mom is really whack... tell me why she made me leave track practice earlly ... she aint tell me why is was leavin early but she was just laughin .. then i asked her why she was laughin and she wouldnt tell me ... come to find out she told a lil down the road ... she was takin me so that i had to make pretend sick cuz she took off for emergency sick leave... so she had to get an excuse for work.. lol shes funny ... i was kinda mad though cuz I usually dont lie and i hate lying!

anyways then i went home and i tried to call justin but he didnt answer... so ummm iunno guess ill call him later today

today josh isnt talkin to me i dont really know why though! maybe it has to do with how i was smokin at the party the other day ... oh and to +dd ... i was really skuuurd when i went to the doctors cuz i may have had to pee in a cup ... and it wouldve shown i was smokin ... hoewell ... the doctor didnt .. back to the subject ... yep josh isnt talkin to me .. who cares sometimes i feel like no one really loves me truely! hoewell ! someone will!

talk lada WUN
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