jEwSeE JaZz (jewsee) wrote,
jEwSeE JaZz


well my ex is so great! i love him still look at this note he wrote..

Dear Jasmine,
I am so happy we are happy again. We just have to fight off all the haters. I couldn't imagine what life could be like without you in it. Now that i have found out what it felt like i don't even want to hav eto go through it again. Without you i get in fights all the time and all these dumb things like that. But with you on my side, these things never happen. From now on i am goin to devote all my time to you, and treat you better than ever. now we can get back to the way things used to be but only better. especially those lovely kisses, your beautiful face and your beautiful personality. lets just put all the negative things behind us and look toward the future. well got to go

ps. i am so happy we got back together
i love you so much
and you look astonishing today

love always jay henry

aww just great
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awwwwwww cuteness ^_^

tale care hun!
aww i know hes sweet sweet sweet <333

thats wayyyyy cute :o)
i know... he really is now lets see if he can keep up the good work!!


awwww . he said astonishing .

:::smile::: hes so retarded lmao

AWWW frickin' GEE! That was so sweet. I wish I still had a boyfriend who could right me such sweet thingz...; ) He said astonishing...HoLLa!
yea josh is a real smooth talker ... LOL ... cant believe errythang he says though lol sweet sweet sweet
yO ma diz chula..this my new jOurnal..add meeh <33
otay im addin you right now

"you look astonishing today"

Awwww how sweet is he!
n how sweet it is to be loved by him .. <~~~ thats a song LOL

aww, thats so cute! *jealous*
dont be ... he'll prolly do somethan wrong tommorow LOL

aww jizummm! lol you fuckin lahooserr!!!!!!
tu mama'

hey cutie can i be ur friend lOl ? =D
yea sounds good i added you +dd me back! ..

Hey luv, I don't know exactly how I came across your journal but you seem cool and you're a doll so I hope you don't mind me adding you. One.

- Drew
hey wuzzuh! well anywaii`z u gOt a cute aSz jOurnaL ;D sO hey add meeh bak iigh... im lala `aka` lizZy iigh!! and uhm if u add meeh cOmment meeh cuz mii journalz freindz Onlii n i woOd have tO add u iigh ma! <3

-Xplizit LaLa-

i lOve jamiie <3
aiight i got you!!

ay mama, u seem preTTy cool, so ima add u if thats alritE? o yeh i came cross ur journal from jasmin (lilmiamiwueen). peACe!
aiigh sounds real cool .. i love her journal! but anyways im addin ya know cuz ima bout to miss my bus ! lol

ohh hey i added you. =D
otAAy .. sounds good +ddin ya ..
I stumbled across your LJ, you seem cool, so I added you. :-)
oTay ... how you find it????



14 years ago

hey wsup. i added u on my other LJ, this is da user from the lj -princezz_diary
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