jEwSeE JaZz (jewsee) wrote,
jEwSeE JaZz

welll this gonna be a short entry cuz this class is almost over .... and anyway i dont really got nothin to talk about!!

but nothin really its rainin outside today .. and i cant stand the rain

and im sad cuz seniors last day is in 2 days and im really gonna miss my friends

today i should be goin toi debbies jewlery party .. and wat it is dont fuggin ask me .. .. lmao im just gonna be there

last night i wast the funniest ass movie!! .. FRIDAY AFTER NEXT .. anybody see that shit?!!!

HOLY MOLY . . DONUT SHOP LMAO thats that good shit!! ..

dang .. bell already rung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTTTTA GOOOO

eAzY love you all
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