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Basic 411 - yea my names Jasmine Johnson and i live in a lil town called hell sike no really i live in Delaware yea thats wat i said and i live in smyrna delaware most people that live in delaware never heard of it lol its a really small town and the main school has mad hicks in it ... its a school where the main extra curricular activity is FFA (Future Farmers of America)! yea so enough said about that im about 5'4 130 and yes im black most poeple think im mixed with somethin nope i just have really curly hair! lol in school i dont really hang out with anyone main social group im just friends with eRRy body. yea and im not ugly i think im pretty damn hot lol! i have a couple of boyfriends who think that too! i think you could call me a really nice person i think if you knew me youd say im the coolest girl you knew and i really dont hate anyone and im not the type of person thats gonna just say shit thats on my mind thats for my friend to do for me.. sammie! yea shes my best friend of all time! im in 10th grade and i cant wait until i graduate and get out of this school and just so you all remember im a scorpio and my birthday is on october 31st i love my birthday. and i love presents and shit like dat!

SHIT I LIKE TO DO well when you live in a town called smyrna you have to make up your own fun usually you could find me with sammie on the weekends smokin a black and mild talkin to the current love you my live i love dancin and goin to parties ... (ones that arent corny) i LOVE playin guys that dont matter and gettin phone numbers cuz its fun! when im most happy im problably with my girl sammie shes mah favorist friend! lol right now im feelin my 50 cent cd and bo jacksons ... and anything blue and white to match em.. i love goin shoppin and lookin for clothes the whack smerners dont have