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Move Your Body Like a Snake Ma!!!

Yea i havent updated in a long time but yea ... anyways nothin really has been hapening with me lately ... but i ahvent updated in so long but yea yesturday i went to this field trip with my school.. we went to the Ellis Island museum.. then we took a ferry in the harbor and we saw the Statue of Liberty it was really boring but the highlight of the trip was when we were in the eliss islanld museum and these lil kids were following me all around the museum so you know me i had to stop and talk to em and they said they were in the third grade lmao... so yea and the place had mad security there and we had to take off all our jackets and belts and then we had to walk through a metal detector following the the questionaire they gave you... "do you have any guns, weapons, knives and or bombs?" yeah like im gonna tell them that im gonna blow up the statue of liberty! lol anyways there was this really cute worker at the concession stand and i was talkin to him and he asked me if i lived in new york and i was like so he said well thats too bad! lol he was really really really old ... anyways later on i got on the computer and was talkin to debra and stuff like that she said that she was at the boys and girls club with josh and pierre so you know i told her to tell JOSH to call me later and you know that he did cuz he still loves me lol ... anyways i dont know wat im gonna do about the lb situation .. im really thinkin about breaking up with him cuz i dont really like him anymore like i used to i used to like him a lot but i dont feel the same anymore cuz i used kto really really like him maybe more than i liked josh but not anymore he gets on my nerves and he follows me all around lol anyways i gotta read this book!

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