jEwSeE JaZz (jewsee) wrote,
jEwSeE JaZz

Dang Man ... I Gotz the PIMP JUICE i gots ta let it loose..

dang i got mad haters once again i was doin good in my school lately but now thatme and my boyfriend lb aint really goin together anymore... and im sorta likin josh again .. my ex fa like fa-eva...i still got mad love for him .. so all your COCK SNIFFERS ... HOP OFF MY NUTS ... lol anyway today was really somewhat boring i really did not one DAyUM thang but you know we all get days like that .. anyways i guess TIARA SEENY on my shit now ... cuz josh was i guess talkin to her or watevea .. and now im talkin to josh now ... but jost will always be mines ... in his heart he'll always al' love my ass lol everybody knows taht and i really dont know why hoes are trippin to the the full extent ... LORD HELLLLLP ME ... FROM SLAPPIN A DUMB BISSSHHH! lol anyways ... tiara seeny is really trippin i dont the tiempo fa her games... this aint monopoly nuCCa ... this life ... an' you know im ready to fight someone cuz ima bout due to beat some ass lol

anyways.... OBSERVE MY NEW LAYOUT THANKS TA SAMMIE ... _KISSABLE ... she is great!

~~ jasmine
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