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Anyways back to wat i wus sayinq

yea but anyways on da bus Early in the morning everyone was sayin wat they were sayin about the me and lb situation... yea first off i heard that poele were sayin that i broke up with him to go wit josh ... NEGATIVE</b> really me and josh just i dont know ... feelin eachother again... then people were sayin that i kissed josh on the field trip to the phillies game ... NEGATIVE ... really me and josh never kissed IN FACT! josh wanted to kiss me but i said no that would be right since i go with lb still... gossip folks also were sayin how i cheated on lb like 4 times since weve been together... DEFINITY NEGATIVE .. u know i really was feelin' lb and then he started gettin on my nerves a lil bit and he knew he did cuz i told him and if i did cheat on him i wouldve told him cuz i dnt really care that much ... and all lb's lil friends are really gettin on my nerves cuz they act like lil biOCHnicnes.. thats mah new word for the day biOCHniches in fact lb is in this class right now and he really is gettin on my nerves i cant believe i went with that fool.. ! lol anyways .. ye i think im goin to dovers prom maybe ... with justin paylor ... cuz he asked me and dovers prom is really nice all the time it should be off the hook .. ! i need to go to a party .. cuz i needa vent !

today is really wack .. we have a track meet all the way to BOHEMIA MANOR .. all the damn way to maryland its gonna be a long ass ride im not really lookin forward to it .. and ima bout to write a not to josh .. so I HOLLA lada

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