jEwSeE JaZz (jewsee) wrote,
jEwSeE JaZz

\\ Tha 411 //
+ Full Name: Jasmine Janay Johnson
+ Nicknames: ***Jiz***
+ Age: 15
+ Birthday: October 31... halloween
+ Location: Clayton, DE
+ E-mail:
+ AIM: itzxjiz
+ Color of eyes: brown long lashes!
+ Hair: Long Brown Curly
+ Height: 5'3
+ Shoe Size: 7 1/2
+ Brothers/Sisters: NOOPe
+ Who do you live with: my mom

\\ Have You Ever... //
- Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Yeppes
- Missed school because it was raining: maybe the bu
- Put a body part on fire for amusement: nope dont believe i have
- Been in a car accident: Yeah
- Been hurt emotionally: ::i try not too::
- Kept a secret from everyone: only some i tell sammie errythang
- Had an imaginary friend: Nope
- Wanted to hook up with a friend: ::nods::
- Cried during a movie: Yeah... lmao ... MULAN!...
- Had a crush on a teacher: NOPE!
- Had a New Kids on the Block tape: eww ... SAM HAS HAH!
- Been on stage: ::nope::
- Cut your hair: Yeah...
- Been sarcastic: ... yeeaaaH?!

\\ Faves //
+ Shampoo: Nexxus
+ Color: Yellow!
+ Day/Night: Night
+ Summer/Winter: Summer time... dayum and this 1's gonna be crazy!
+ On-line smiley: the winker...
+ Lace or satin: lace
+ Cartoon Characters: ginger faughtly!
+ Fave Food: baked sweet potatoes
+ Movie: Save the last dance
+ Fave Subject: Student Aid
+ Fave Drink: Hawaiin punch
+ Fave person to talk to online: sammie and chuck and jon and deb

\\ Right Now //
- Wearing: t shirt and panties lol ... hah!
- Hair is: pulled up in a high pony tail
- I'm feeling: Very AWAKE
- Eating : nothin i just got done eatin grapes ummm!
- Drinking: nuffing
- Thinking about: when this thing is gonna be over
- Listening to: 106th and park
- Talking to: momma
- Watching: refer to the 3rd to last question!

\\ In the Last 24 Hours //
+ Cried: yea yesturday ... momma!
+ Worn a skirt: no its too cold.
+ Met someone new: nah
+ Cleaned your room: yea every thursday i have to
+ Done laundry: yea yesturday
+ Drove a car: ... nope

\\ Do You Believe In... //
- Yourself: yea if i cant do that who can i trust
- Your friends: sammie...
- Santa Claus: Uh... NO!
- Tooth Fairy: nope never did
- Angels: Nana .. <333 i know shes there <333
- Ghosts: yea
- UFOs: there probably is

\\ Friends & Life //
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: me and lb just broke up and josh ... is back inthe picture
+ Like anyone?: josh i love you
+ In love?: always am..
+ Who have u known the longest out of your friends?: zhene
+ Who's the loudest: debbie
+ Who's the weirdest: josh
+ Who do you go to for advice: mike
+ Who do you cry with: josh
+ What's the best feeling in the world: Being loved by josh
+ Worst feeling: breakin up with josh
+ Finished: 10:56 a.m.
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