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yeppers ... me and sammie just got back from her sisters house .. mad fun .. ! it was laurens roomates birthday so lauren threw a part for him ... me and sammie were about to crack if we didnt get out of the house so justin paylor came and picked us up and took us to laurens... then when we got there steven teddy keith and some wigger and kasien and erica reginold the 3 sisters .. amber jessica and some other girl and then ... brandon slaughter and some other people i aint know and along with .. matt who i havent seen in so long cuz he ran away! lmao

anyways it got really wild when i got smart with larry and he dont really take too much crap and he threw and beer on me! ... dont feel like explaining why!

i got high and it was funny ... i wasnt wylin out though ... but i was real trashed i kissed justin and anthony ::He He He::

anyways ill holla lata WUN
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