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Dang i got the funniest cutest note today!! ..

Dear jasmine,

Whats up baby? nothing her chillen in 4th priod thinkin about you. but thats nthin new .. i've been feelin you since the 1st day i moved down here .. i feel like if we talk that i will last forever. because my feelings are so strong for you i just never told you because you was with lb but you aint with nobody now and its the time to amke you mine i want you in the future to be something special to me when we was in calss talking about LOVE poems it made me think maybe one day we ca fall in love

dang he funny right? .. noffin really happened at school yesturday .. my mom still in florida .. mom mom on her way to cook me some food !! hell yea!! .. but anyways this weekend was fun cuz i stayed at debras ..

dang i went to the state meet on monday .. and did i get CAUGHT UP? well my ex was there .. and hes like the murfuggin love of my life .. hiz name jon n he white ... cutest banginist white boy youll see .. !! well he was there... ... then bruce who im talkin to currently was there .. then justin was there ... dang!! and we just banged like a few weeks ago .. and im talkin to someone else ... then !!!!!! i find out justin is bruces first murfuggin cousin aint that some shit! lmao!!

my life my life

o snap i got prom pictures too .. im scannin them n o w!
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